About us

Clickerbook is a new 24/7 online booking system for beauty and fitness



What do our customers receive?

- discounts and special offers

- the right service at the right price and the right time

- access to the latest news, reviews and ratings

- bonus points that can be exchanged for other services


Is Clickerbook for your business?

Clickerbook is for any business that wants to take and increase their bookings online 24/7 - for individual treatments, classes or group sessions

Easy booking manangement for businesses

Allows you and your staff to manage and track bookings automatically. Manage your databse and individual clients. Follow a client's booking history and preferences and stay in touch with your clients and promote loyalty.all through our easy to use cloud based CRM system.

Clients can book online, pay online and earn bonus points

Whether booking a manicure or a yoga class, you can track and remind clients about their bookings.
Clients can earn bonus points and exchange them for more bookings.
Clients can recieve special offers, discounts and promotions tailored according to their preferences and location
Clients can pay less with subscriptions

Benefits of working with us

24/7 booking for clients with discounts offered by time allowing you to fill empty slots

Calendar management from mobile or desktop

Full customer management system

Marketing Tools and Loyalty Program

Accept payments online and reduce the number of no-shows

Statistics to run your business and keep track of your competitors