29 Aug 2019

Hair is our wealth

2018 is rapidly approaching the end, which means that we are once again ready to start a new life. The surest way to do this is to update your image with a hairstyle. A new color, a haircut or all together - especially for us, the best hair stylists told what exactly to pay attention to in 2019 in order to look brilliant in every sense.

Perfectly straight, shiny and natural - if you are lucky to be the owner of such hair, then next year you will by and large not have to change anything, except to experiment with variations in their styling and length. Star stylist Chris Appleton advises to confine oneself to minimalism, and to change hair curlers for ironing.

Caramel, chocolate or honey - “delicious” shades of hair, as close as possible to natural, in the New Year will be at the peak of popularity, leaving behind “precious” - platinum and ruby. The famous colorist Josh Wood predicts a return to home dyeing, for this reason he recommends paying even more attention to leaving after so that his “unprofessional” hands do not harm his hair. Our choice is the Kérastase Réflection range.

A “ragged” or “sloppy” bean in 2019 has every chance of “crowding out” its glamorous counterpart - a square with a glossy effect. Top stylist Zoe Irwin considers such a hairstyle optimal for those who do not like to mess with hair, and instead of styling and hair dryers, prefer to dry their hair “on the go” or “in the wind,” depending on the circumstances. Spray with sea salt to help us.

Astrologers recommend

Many people know how important it is to take care of and cut your hair in time, especially in spring, when nature around takes on a new look. It has long been believed that vitality was built into them, and by cutting them off, you can change your fate.

Astrologers link the influence of natural phenomena on the growth and development of head vegetation, and recommend a haircut on certain lunar days, each of which has its own property. The full moon has the best and fastest growth, so it will be especially useful for those who want to cut long hair.

To change naughty, and to delay the loss, it is ideal to cut your hair on the waning moon, but they will grow longer. It is not at all advisable to get a haircut on a solar and lunar eclipse, and on a number of other specific days.

Ideal conditions

An important ritual can affect not only the appearance, but also the energy of a person as a whole, so you also need to choose the right master. Since the hairdresser can influence the biofield, it is advisable to choose a cheerful and active person to have a positive impact.

Even age plays a role, the older a person, the more influence he has. There are a huge number of superstitions associated with cutting, for example, that you can not cut your own hair. Another option to choose the right days for a haircut is to compare your birthday with other days in harmony with it.

Modern trend

Nowadays, the progress of beauty has developed quite a lot. In addition to countless incredible and delightful hairstyles, there are many types of procedures, with various effects, such as lamination, smoothing and much more.

Everyone who needs a modern and stylish haircut Kostroma offers highly qualified hairdressing professionals. Now everyone can have a strong and healthy shock of hair, and easily and safely change their image.