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Clickerbook is an online marketplace for booking services for the beauty and health industry. Special introductory offer - try it free for 30 days!

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Data that speaks for itself

The global health and beauty market is growing annually by 10%

By offering booking online, businesses can see an increase in business of 25%.

95% of consumers own a smartphone of which 60% of 18-34 year olds say it is essential to their daily lives

Consumers want fast and easy experiences tailored to them

Consumers want a unified retail experience across the digital and physical worlds

*Ayden Retail Report 2019

Benefits of working with us

24/7 booking for clients with discounts offered by time allowing you to fill empty slots

Calendar management from mobile or desktop

Full customer management system

Marketing Tools and Loyalty Program

Accept payments online and reduce the number of no-shows

Statistics to run your business and keep track of your competitors

FAQ for Business
Why register your business on Clickerbook?

Clickerbook is a new 24/7 online booking system and marketplace for the beauty and fitness industry, which gives clients easy access to services,goods and discounts wherever and whenever they want and gives salons, fitness clubs and spas an easy way to promote and manage their bookings and products

How to register your salon or business on the site?

Please either click on the For Business button at the top of the Home Page to see the benefits we offer or click straight away, to register for your free trial.  During that trial you will have full access to all the amazing features of our website, which include your booking and marketing suite .  During the registration process you will be asked to register your business and representative from your company, add photographs, add employess, services and prices.  Once you have done this you will be ready to receive your first bookings.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or if you need more detailed instructions you may download them here.

How to use the free trial?

Once you have registered you are free to try out all of the features of our booking and marketing suite.  You will be notified of any new bookings by email and by message in your account.  New bookings will be automatically added to your staff's calendar and you can view all the bookings you have for any day.  You can add notes to any client's profile, add discounts and track all of their previous visits and future visits.

Don't worry - if someone wishes to book in person you can also add this to your booking suite, you can also import any existing clients you have.  You can also decide how they pay.  If a client pays online they will earn bonus points - Clicks - which they can exchange for future services or gift them or they can still pay you in person.

Please check out all our marketing features, some of which are included in your membership depending on your tarif. 

What happens when the trial expires?

Once your free trial has expired you will need to sign up for one of our tarifs.  You can view these on our tarifs page and in your account.  Once you have chosen a suitable tarif and paid you will be able to carry on using all the features included.  You will be billed automatically each month by credit or debit card or via PayPal

How to add Happy Hours?

You can add discounts to your services by date and service in your business account either by using the Happy Hour or the Discounts menu options.  These discounts will be valid during the period you select and for the service you select and will visible to clients on the main page and category page and on your business's page.  They are location based, so a client will see discounts available near them and at that moment. 

Please note the following:

If you include a discount on your services in your listing, it is your responsibility to ensure that these messages comply with all applicable laws, including consumer protection and advertising laws.  In particular, please consider the following general guidance:

  1. Any discount you include must not be misleading and must always be accurate, easy to understand, unambiguous and refer to a genuine discount;

  2. Any discount communicated to clients in your listing must actually be made available to clients booking that service;

  3. Any discount should be based on a non-discounted reference rate which is a standard rate at which the listing would otherwise be genuinely bookable. This means that the listing must have been advertised at that reference rate for a legally sufficient period of time. 

How to add Discounts?

You can add discounts to your services in your account under the salon menu.

Как добавить скидку на первое посещение?

Скидка на первое посещение является важным фактором по привлечению новых клиентов, что позволит познакомиться с вашим салоном, оценить удобство и сервис, увеличит прибыль и расширит вашу клиентскую базу.

В разделе Меню в вашем личном кабинете вы можете выбрать размер скидки на первое посещение, нажав применить скидку. Данная информация будет отображаться в профиле салона при поиске клиента и в разделе Акции и Скидки

How will I know when a client has booked?

All reservations on the site are automatically entered in to your employees calendars in the Visits menu option of your business account. Notifications of new bookings are also sent to you by email and by SMS text message.

How much does it cost?

In the Prices for Business menu option you can find all the subscription tarifs - choose the most suitable for your business.  You can pay for your subscription in your business account under tariffs.  You can also see which tariff is active for each of your businesses and how many days it has left to run.

If you agreed to accept payments for services via the website we will deduct a fee of 12% of the value of the services.  This fee covers our costs in processing the payment on your behalf.  Please ensure you take this in to account when deciding your pricing policy.

How to attract new clients?

Clickerbook gives you various tools to attract new customers. Make sure you add all the of your services to be included in listing.  This helps customers to find you when searching for services. Set discounts for certain times or dates by service; pay for your listing to be on the main page of the site or be the first in the search; Follow the history and preferences of your customers to offer them relevant services and make sure you keep a check on what your competitors are offering.

Make sure you Invite your customers to use Clickerbook.

How do I manage my bookings?

In your business account in the Visits menu option you will find the schedule for the selected business, where all your employess and their reservationscan can be viewed. You can add new reservations to any schedule by clicking on the + sign in the calendar, change existing ones by clicking on the clock next to the booking, and contact customers.  You cannot cancel a booking, but you may contact a client and request that they reschedule or cancel the booking.

How can I get my business on the main page of the website?

You need to pay for advertising in the Tariffs section in your account. You can select a period of either 14 days or a month. Also on the site there is a block Best in your location - these are for businesses with a high customer rating, which is formed on the basis of customer reviews. Please always try to get your customers to review your business and answer any reviews whether positive or negative.

How do I pay for my business account?

When you have registered your business and the free trial has expired you will need to pay to continue using the site.  You can choose the best tarif for your business in your account and pay online with debit and credit cards.

How do I receive payment for services paid for online?

If you decide to accept payments made online via Clickerbook, we will transfer the money to your bank account once a week less our 12% fee, which covers our transaction and processing costs.  

I already have a booking system, can I link my calendars?

Yes you can.  If your booking system supports the ics standard you can copy a link or download a file from the Visits menu option in your account.  You can link the calendar for your salon/business or for an individual employee.  Just choose the employee from the drop down list above the calendar.  Your employees can also use this link to add to their calendar in their mobile phones or tablets.  The link will automatically update their calendars.

Can I cancel a booking?

No.  You cannot cancel an order, but you may contact the client and ask them to cancel or agree to change the time and date.  

Can I add a link for booking to my Instagram profile?

Yes.  Please go to the menu for your salon and choose the Instruments for Web option.  You may copy the link and paste into your Instagram account.  You may also change the colour of the buttons to match your brand colours.

Могу ли я синхронизировать свой календарь в Y-Clients с Clickerbook?

Вы можете синхронизировать календарь работы мастеров в Clickerbook с Y-Clients, связав его со своим Google календарём. После этого записи в Y-Clients будут автоматически блокировать время и даты в календаре мастеров в Clickerbook. 

Скачайте пошаговую инструкцию здесь.

Видео-инструкция по синхронизации

Can I register more than one business?

Yes.  If you have a chain of businesses you may register them all under one account.  Just click on Add Business in your business account.

Can I add online booking to my website ?

Yes.  Please go to the menu for your salon and choose the Instruments for Web option.  You may copy the code and paste into the HTML code of your website.  You may also change the colour of the buttons to match your brand colours.

Why don't you have an app?

Apps take up a fairly large portion of your phone's memory, and 30% of apps are uninstalled within the first month of use. This is why we do not offer an app, but you can install an icon on your phone screen that works the same as an app. When you visit our website, you will be asked: “Do you want to install an icon?”, Accept the offer and the icon will appear on your phone home screen

Подарочный сертификат - как работает?

Подарочный сертификат - отличный маркетинговый инструмент для бизнеса, который позволяет привлечь новых клиентов в салон, решает проблему с выбором подарка и направлен на получение не только прибыли но и на перспективу развития отношений с клиентом, который станет постоянным.

Получатель подарочного сертификата может записаться в любой салон на Clickerbook и оплатить услуги подарочным сертификатом. Мы перечисляем салону стоимость услуги за вычетом нашей комиссии.

Our feedback

В последние годы во всем мире наблюдается стагнация рынка услуг красоты, чего не скажешь о рынке онлайн бронирования услуг красоты, который растет семимильными шагами в странах, имеющих подобные маркетплейсы. 
К примеру, за с 2010 по 2016 года в Европе доля онлайн бронирования услуг красоты выросла с меньше чем 0.5% до 5%+, а в Японии, с меньше чем 1% до 10-13%. 

Иван Илингулец, Estet House

Big Bro — это мужская парикмахерская, куда приходят за хорошей стрижкой, которой хватит надолго, качественными средствами для ухода за волосами и общением. 

Здесь скорее комфортно, чем модно и гламурно. Не нужно напрягаться перед походом сюда, здесь всё равно, как ты одет и как сидишь. Ты – мужик, и тебе как бро подскажут, с какой причёской лучше.

Если хотите почитать интервью со мной перед открытием, переходите на статью о парикмахерской, а посмотреть фото и узнать цены можно в подборке пяти свежих мест июня 2016.

Андрей Караванов

Изначально я думал, что на запуск бизнеса мне хватит 1,5 миллиона рублей, но вышло на 700 тысячбольше. Мы открывались по франшизе, и в бизнес-плане были указаны цены скорее для западных регионов.

В городе тогда ещё не было «Леруа Мерлен», поэтому стройматериалы в итоге обошлись процентов на 20% дороже. Цена на отделочные работы меня шокировала. Я отдал 150 000 ₽ за две недели работы и сейчас знаю, что это очень-очень мало. Я ожидал, что это будет стоить максимум тысяч 80, но в итоге слышал цены и в районе 500. Даже вывеска обошлась мне в 40 000 ₽. И это цена по дружбе, с самой большой скидкой.

Что сделал:у меня был финансовый запас, поэтому я просто принял, что эти вещи стоят столько. Я прошёл тот же путь, что и некоторые клиенты, которых сначала шокировали наши цены. Только со временем они понимали, за что платят.


Большинство парней морально готовы и знают, что стрижка в Big Bro стоит 1 000 ₽. Но процентов 15 клиентов приходят, не зная цены. Бывает, что парень садится в кресло мастера, спрашивает: «Сколько стоит?» — когда слышит ответ, встаёт и уходит без объяснений.

Многие спрашивают: «Чем вы круче моего мастера Татьяны за 400 рублей?». У многих завышенные ожидания: если ценник выше обычного, значит, мы нарастим волосы там, где их нет, или сделаем так, что им пойдёт стрижка, которая на самом деле им не идёт.

Что делаем: объясняем каждому клиенту, что мы — не волшебники, но хорошо делаем свою работу. Цена складывается не только из работы, но и сервиса: мы дважды моем голову клиенту, делаем укладку, используем хорошую косметику, предлагаем напитки и поддерживаем атмосферу. И, конечно, постоянно повышаем уровень мастеров: обучаем их.

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"The application is very easy to use in my business, and customers are delighted with its convenience and simplicity."

"Great app! The decision to use it was the best in terms of customer reception schedule."

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