Price Plans

Price Plans
Each Price Plan gives full access but with a limit on the number of stylists or instructors.
By upgrading to another Price Plan you may add more stylists.
Trial Period
Month 0 USD

Special introductory offer - 14 Day Trial Period free of charge. All features included.

Life after the Virus
Month 0 USD

Special offer to help get back to work.  30 days free of charge!  VALID UNTIL 15th April  2021

Year 0 USD

For people just starting out or who work for themselves.  This is a free plan that includes one booking calendar.

Month 24.99 USD
Quarter 54.99 USD
Six months 99.99 USD
Year 169.99 USD

Includes 5 staff members and 5 booking calendars

Month 54.99 USD
Quarter 149.99 USD
Six months 264.99 USD
Year 459 USD

Includes up to 10 staff member and 10 booking calendars

Month 59.99 USD
Quarter 159.99 USD
Six months 289.99 USD
Year 499 USD

Includes 20 staff members and 20 booking calendars

Month 95.99 USD
Quarter 249.99 USD
Six months 459.99 USD
Year 789.99 USD

Unlimited number of staff or salons

14 days 20 USD
Month 36 USD
Quarter 95 USD

Label "VIP" in the catalogue and placement at the top of the list